How to Replace a Dishwasher in your Kitchen

A kitchen dishwasher installation is a simple job that takes an experienced hand around one hour. A novice, following instructions, should consider setting aside at least two hours to remove a dishwasher and install another one.

You don’t need any special tools to get the job done. A screwdriver, multimeter, drill, plumber’s tape, level, and pliers are all that you need.

Shut off power to the appliance. Remove the fuse dedicated to the dishwasher or switch the fuse breaker off. Kitchen dishwashers draw water from the same supply that goes to the sink. Turn the valve under the sink to stop water supply.

Remove the access panel cover that is located at the base of a dishwasher. This will give you access to the underside of the dishwasher where you can detach wires that power the appliance. Usually the power junction is on the right. Access the power junction and use the multimeter to ensure that the power is switched off, and there’s no current flowing through the wires. Disconnect all wires and also remove the de-tensioning device that may be present behind the junction box.

In all likelihood, the water supply connection will be present on the left of the assembly on the underside. Most dishwashers use a 3/8” tubing made of flexible plastic, steel, or copper. Loosen the fitting with the pliers and detach the tubing.

The dishwasher drain connects to the kitchen garbage disposal and is in the form of a plastic tube held in place with clamps. Loosen the clamps and disconnect the drain.

The dishwasher is now ready to be removed. It is held in place with screws. Unscrew the appliance and slide it out of its space.

Installing the new dishwasher is easy. Perform the steps just performed in the reverse order.
The drainage, water supply, and electricity wires need to be easily accessible as you slide the new dishwasher in place. Connect the drain and the water supply. Tighten clamps and joints but don’t overdo it. The electric wires are meant to be connected as shown in the manual. Usually, black wires are connected to black and white to white.

The dishwasher can be leveled by adjusting its height via the front feet. The dishwasher is to be screwed to the countertop, ensure that the mounting brackets for doing so are properly placed.
Switch on the water supply. Check for leaks. If there are no leaks, then reinsert the fuse and run the dishwasher. There’s nothing more to do except refitting the access panel.

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